King County Atu 587 Contract

King County ATU 587 Contract: What You Need to Know

The King County ATU 587 Contract is a crucial agreement between the King County Metro Transit and the Amalgamated Transit Union Local 587. This contract ensures that both parties work together harmoniously to provide efficient transit services to the people of King County.

As a resident or visitor of King County, you rely on Metro Transit buses to get you to your destination on time, safely and comfortably. It is through the collective efforts of the Metro Transit staff, including bus drivers, mechanics, and other workers, that this service is delivered to the public.

The ATU 587 is the union that represents the interests of these workers. They negotiate on behalf of their members to ensure that they are fairly compensated for their work and that working conditions are safe and appropriate.

The contract between King County Metro Transit and ATU 587 is an important document that outlines the working conditions, duties, responsibilities, benefits, and other important information that staff members must adhere to. The contract serves as a guide for the parties involved to ensure that all expectations are met and that there is mutual respect and understanding.

The King County ATU 587 Contract outlines several important provisions, including terms of employment, wages, benefits, hours of work, seniority provisions, and grievance procedures. Some of the provisions that may be of interest to the public include:

– Wages: The contract outlines the hourly wages of various staff members, including bus drivers, mechanics, and other workers.

– Benefits: The contract provides information about healthcare benefits, dental benefits, pension plans, and other important benefits that staff members are entitled to.

– Working hours: The contract outlines the hours of work for various staff members and the overtime policies that apply.

– Seniority: The contract outlines the seniority provisions for union members, including how it is calculated and how it affects their work assignments.

– Grievance procedures: The contract provides information on how disputes and grievances are resolved between the parties.

Overall, the King County ATU 587 Contract is a vital document that helps ensure that King County Metro Transit staff members are treated fairly and that the public continues to receive high-quality transit services. The contract serves as a reminder that the workers who keep the buses running, day in and day out, deserve respect, fair wages, and good working conditions. It is through this contract that these important values are upheld.